Friday, September 2, 2011

Friends..... For Now

His mom rushed, as best she could, on the busy everyone wants to get home early on Fridays freeway, trying to make her way to the side street near his school, to pick him up. Day is done. School's complete for the week.

Phone call.

"Can Katie get a ride home?" he asks her. The casual tone in his voice told her he already knew the answer. "Sure," she responds promptly.

"Alright. cool. See ya."

His mom was only about five minutes away, he knew, so he just waited. With Katie.

As they were driving towards Katie's house, to drop her off, his mom invited her to come to their place, to hang out, until Katie's mom took a detour to pick her up. Katie called her mom for the "okay", like the responsible daughter she is.

"No problem," Katie told his mom. "She says it's fine for me to go to your house."

Two middle school kids. One in 6th grade. One in 7th. Both hoping for something to munch on. To fill the I just need an after-school snack hole in their stomachs. They look in the fridge. Katie says, "Boring."

"I know, right?" he agrees.

His mom shakes her head, sighing and thinking, "Kids...."

Admittedly, she appreciates the honest dialogue.

"How about mac and cheese?" His mom wonders if one of his favorite foods will win them both over.

They look at each other. Smile. "Okay." They say in unison.

He runs to the kitchen to get a second helping of Kraft's Macaroni and Cheese. Katie chased him. They body shove each other, making sure each got their fair portion.

Satisfied, Katie walks back to her spot in front of the TV. He follows a few seconds later. Sitting in his original seat, nearby.

Belly's at least three quarters full.

The we are just having a good time banter continues.

They are suited for each other. As friends. They get along so well. Like each other. Like each other as friends. For now. His mom wonders if someday some kind of crushing will occur. She doesn't want to over-think this idea. Doesn't want to push something that shouldn't be there. Not at their emotionally charged age. Friends. That's what they are.

His mom sits at the kitchen table working on work. Homework. Work from work. Yet, what the two tweens don't realized is that she is also listening. Listening to their banter. A boy and a girl. Both with attitude and aggression. Not bad attitude. Not bad aggression. Just enough so that each can stand up to the other. There is no leader. No follower. They are equals. His mom appreciates that.

"Let's go outside and play some soccer," he says. "Okay, but my pants are hard to move in so don't kick so hard," athlete extraordinaire Katie responds. "Yeah, whatever," he jokingly states.

His mom watches them through the kitchen window. Two kids. No expectations. Simple fun.

She likes that this may be the beginning of a lasting friendship.

Friends..... for now.


  1. Your voice is rich with evocative memory. What a pleasure to read!

  2. thanks gene. you are always so compimentary... :D