Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chris, My Sister

"What?! You are leaving? Going to work? Why? She is going to pop this baby out any moment. You can not leave. I won't allow it."

My sister. My older sister. My only sister was the boss. At that moment. Of our lives.

"Oh. She said she's fine. Just a few cramps. Said it was okay if I just go in for a little while." Rudy was trying to reason with her.

"I don't think so. She's in labor. She is going to have this baby today," the number one child of eleven, stated. "You need to call work. Tell them you will not be in."

"Alright." Not an easy task to sway Rudy; but, in this case arguing was pointless. Chris knew her stuff.

Not long afterward Rudy found himself loading me into the car for the long awaited drive to the hospital.


A nervous wreck.

"It will be okay. You will do fine." Chris was talking to both of us.

To Rudy mostly.

Baby girl was born within the next few hours.

All Rudy could do was shrug.

Give Chris a hug.

A thank you hug. Knowing Chris made the right call. Made him stay home. Away from work.

He was learning.

Don't mess with Chris.

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