Saturday, October 22, 2011


"Come on, Mom. Seriously. Let me download the iCloud onto your phone for you. It is so cool!"

Brad was so anxious to try out the newest Apple update that enables users to backup info on their gadgets.

"Hold on. I want to make sure it won't mess with my photos. Somehow delete them."

I was remembering when I had returned to California, after spending the summer in Arkansas, I hooked my iPad to the home computer to sync it. To upload all my photos onto the main computer's files. For some odd reason, many of my photos were forever lost.

"Really? Mom. Really?" Brad was not giving up.

"Yes. Really." My instincts told me to hold off.

To wait.

3 days later, Liz had texted me saying she had downloaded the iCloud onto her iPhone. "It's pretty awesome."

"Alright, Brad. Do it. iCloud my phone. Then the iPad."

"Hey, Mom. You need to type in your email address!" Brad hollered, his voice bouncing off the hallway walls, piercing my ears.

I took the phone from him. Punched in my .net.


...the problem began.

I did not type .net.

I typed .met.

Suddenly, already installed apps wouldn't open. Purchasing new apps was impossible. I couldn't even access my iTunes account to correct the situation. The pop-up window stated that .met was an invalid email address.

No kidding. I know that. Yet, why didn't iCloud question it when I pressed the next button?

Of course, you would think the obvious solution would be to simply go back in and redo the address.

Not that simple.

In order to delete the account, to give it a second go, the personal info is sent to my email address. Which according to their now new files was the no good .met.

If the information was ever sent to me, I never saw it. My .net wasn't retrieving anything .met.

I made an appointment at the local Apple store. Talked to a nice, young guy about what had occurred. The problem I was having. He spent an hour with me. Trying to figure out how to input my correct email address.

To no avail.

I spent the rest of the week in a I don't need this extra stress pissy mood.

Even though it seems the only way to get help outside of the official Apple store is online, I was determined to somehow get a real voice on the Apple help me! phone.

I would complain. Nicely. Yet, seriously.

I had it all planned out. What to say. I was ready. Notes and all.

Interestingly, my instincts kicked hard for a second time this week.

Last night, I jumped on the computer. Gave it one last try.

I logged onto the iTunes site! Checked my account info. Reset a few things. Including correcting the email mistake I had made! Then I typed in new when and if necessary credit card numbers.

I checked both my iPhone and my iPad.

iPad is working fine. With the .net account and its password.

iPhone works great with the .met account, and a completely different password!




  1. Isn't technology wonderful?!? Love it when it works and hate it when I'm too dumb to figure it out. Sounds like something that would happen to me! :>)

  2. Oh tell me about it. I have had immense probs with my istore account. After about a month i finally got it going again. I had to open a new account though as it kept saying my ID is disabled whatever I tried. I reset the password did new credit info. But no luck. So gave up and opened a new account. Why do they make it so complicated I wander.

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