Friday, October 7, 2011


I really just wanted to enjoy the quietness of the house. Take advantage of having the TV to myself. Watch all the shows I had waiting for me on the list that I'd recorded. I needed to catch up with TV land.

The kids were out. Together. For the evening. They took a trip down the freeway, into Universal City, to engage in a frightful night at Universal Studios Hollywood.

As I am stretched out on the couch, I hear mumbling. Slurred voices, not making much sense. I pry open my supposed to be engaged eyes. The voices I heard were coming from the TV. The characters on Private Practice were talking about their latest concerns.

I had dozed off. I missed most of the show.


I sat up. Plopped my feet onto the bare floor and figured I might as well just hop into bed and call it a night.

Cassandra, our chocolate brown kitten had also dozed off. Next to me. I wondered where her sister, Skyler, was. The two of them are pretty much joined at the hip. Eating together. Sleeping together. Chasing and wrestling each other. Even using the litter box together.

I called out Skyler's name, in that high-pitched-sweet-talking-voice she seems to prefer.

No response.

I began to think about the coyote. Or at least I think it's a coyote. Some kind of animal has come down from the hills on no particular evening to search. Search for some food. We have, on occasion, found animal remains on our front lawn. Remains of those captured and killed.

I wondered if it was possible that nine-week-old Skyler had managed to escape out the front door when the kids had left.

I opened the front door. Called her name. Nothing.

I wandered around the house calling her. I looked in every nook and cranny she has been known to hide in.


At this point I am no longer tired. I am wide awake. I am both curious and concerned.

Where could she be?

I extend my search to the garage. Generally, an off-limits location. But, who knows...

"Skyler? Here kitty. Skyler? Where are you? Come on little girl. Skyler?" I continue calling out to her.

I walk back into the house, into the kitchen, through the door, from the garage.


Suddenly, I hear "MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!" Pretty loud for such a tiny kitten.

Thank goodness.

I followed the sound.

I opened the front door.

There was Skyler! Slowly walking onto the front porch from the grassy front lawn. She looked at me as though she had no idea what had happened. How she had ended up in an unfamiliar place.

I picked her up. Her fur felt cold to the touch. If my guess was correct, she had been outside, in coyote territory, for several hours. I didn't allow the thoughts of her demise fully form in my mind.

I hugged and kissed her. Gently scratched her nose. Rubbed up towards her eyes. Hers eyes that closed with contention. She purred. Loudly.

I placed her on the floor. Next to her sister. They began playing. Chasing each other.

She knows she's home. Safe.


  1. My cats do that all the time to me. The only thing that gets them to come out of hiding is whistling "Pop goes the weasel." By the time I get to the "pop" part they are usually at my feet :)

  2. I've spent many an hour searching for a pet who is seemingly out having a good time while I imagine the worst. Matter of fact, I've done the same with many a teenager. I'm glad you found your kitty, safe and sound.

  3. Oh scary. I lost a kitten for several hours before we found her hiding place behind the coils at the back of the fridge. So glad you found yours before the coyote did!

  4. I'm glad your kitty was okay. I hate it when I can't find Felix!