Monday, November 28, 2011


He was sleeping. Soundly.

She sat on the edge of his newly purchased queen-sized bed.

Watched him. Smiled.

He must have sensed her there, in his bedroom, because he slowly peeled his eyes open.

Looked at her. Smiled.

"Morning," she said quietly.

He mumbled something. Something incoherent.

Then he closed his eyes. Shut.

She didn't move. From the edge of his definitely-slept-in bed.

Watched him. Smiled.

She saw his feet rub together.



In a way that soothed him.

Just like her.

She never noticed. Before now.

That he had inherited her habit.

Her habit that provides comfort.


  1. I am just hoping that some of the things are inherited by nature, not nurture. Cause sometimes I feel guilty if Kate seems to pick up some not so wonderful habits.

  2. Hi tat. Thanks for stopping by.
    Interwebs... Thank you also for taking a moment on my spot...

  3. Hi jjeanine. I know what you mean.... I've seen some nurture in the kids I wish I had avoided..... Ah well, live and learn....

  4. My OH does this too... it's so cute :)

  5. So does this mean I'm going to pick up my husband's habits... like getting up at 5 AM and running 6 miles or biking 100? Scary thought.


  6. Oh how funny, Joyce. Maybe you will. I suppose I have adopted some of my husbands habits. Yet, in the case of this story, the sleeper is my son. He has, without even realizing it, until I pointed it out, inherited my feet rubbing.......

  7. It's a charming, soul soothing story about those things shared which become part of another... I loved the story d~