Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cocoa & Nut

"Geez, I thought they would never leave," Cocoa said.

"Seriously! Right?," Nut agreed, "I just want to get outside, already. I want to teach Napoleon a lesson. My beauty sleep has been interrupted by his all-night barking!"

"Cool it. Take it easy. We can't do anything to draw attention to ourselves. Remember, we are just a pair of ordinary house-kittens," Cocoa warned.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever." Nut stated nonchalantly.

"Not whatever," Cocoa calmly stated, "we can never let people know we can talk and do anything they can. Do you really want to get all that attention? Be all over the news? Get chased by paparazzi?"

"Of course not. You are right. As usual," Nut agreed. "I will try to portray myself as just a normal cute kitty."

"Good. Now grab that bone from the trash. We'll use it as bait to lure him into our trick." chocolate-brown Cocoa ordered.

Nut dug her paw into the overflowing, smelly trash bin. She felt what she was looking for before she saw it. She pulled the still-moist bone out.

"Oh, perfect," Nut said, "a perfect bone, still with pieces of meat on it. Check it out Cocoa!"

"Yeah, perfect, Nut," Cocoa purred.

The two kitties scurried to a side window, unlocked the latch, pushed the slightly heavy window in an upward motion, unhooked the screen, jumped out the window, and landed on the green blades of grass below.

"Woo-hoo! Freedom!" yelled Nut, her striped black and greyish-beige fur standing on end.

"Not so loud, Nut," Cocoa, once again, reminded her sister, "the lady next door might be out, feeding her turtle. She makes me nervous."

"I know what you mean, Cocoa. There is something very weird about her." Nut agreed.

Their mission today is to taunt the dog in the adjacent yard. The yard with the new pool. The girls will let him know who is in charge of this neighborhood.

Cocoa and Nut are so tired of hearing that darn dog bark all night long. For no reason. Except to hear his own yippity-yappity voice!

The fraternal twins run across their yard, to the back ivy-covered wall. With one giant leap they both land with their paws firmly planted on the top of the solid bricks.

"As usual, there he is, sniffing the ground, snorting, looking for something. Anything," Cocoa sarcastically said.

Nut smirked, "I'm so glad I am a feline. Dogs are so weird!"

"Oh, Naaapoooleon," Nut teased. "¿Que pasa?"

"What do you want? Don't you have anything better to do?" he shot back.

"Apparently not," answered Cocoa.

"Hey, ToughGuy, we'll throw you this meaty bone if you will do just one simple feat," Nut challenged.

"Interesting. What's the challenge, Nut?" he asked.

"All you have to do is jump the width of the pool. Jump from one edge to the other."

"I can't. They just filled it with water. I'm not allowed in it." Napoleon honestly said.

"Chicken! Bock! Bock!" Cocoa teased.

Nut held up the fresh never been chewed leg bone for Napoleon to see.

Just as the girls knew he would, Napoleon licked his saliva-filled chops.

"Ha! What a joke! Of course I can make the jump," he challenged back.

The girls high-fived each other.

Napoleon backed his rear-end up against the sliding glass door. He huffed. He puffed. He ran.

Cocoa and Nut just watched, knowing he'd never make it.

With all his might, Napoleon lifted his body into the air. And flew. Halfway across the pool. For a split second, he looked down at the winter-cold water. Then he fell. Into the pool.

Suddenly, the sliding door opened. The mistress of the house ran out, screaming. "Napoleon, what did you do? Get out of there right now!"

All he could do was make a few water-logged barking sounds, as he swam to the shallow end. To the stairs.

Cocoa and Nut pranced down the length of the wall. And jumped down. On their side.

The perfect bone was tossed into the trash before re-entering the house through the open window.

"Nut, you and I rule this neighborhood!" Cocoa yelled, once safely inside.

"Oh, don't I know it, Cocoa. We make a great team!"

They did a double high-five. Slapping paws to paws.

The front door opened just as the girls jumped onto the comfy brown corduroy couch, to take a much needed nap.

"Cocoa and Nut are so cute," the young master said as he sat down next to the kitties. "They are always here, on the couch, when we get home. Just waiting for us."

Cocoa yawned and stretched her fore-legs out, booty in the air. Nut opened one eye, winked at her sister.

"So cute!" the master's mom cooed.


  1. Thanks, K. Just seeing what I can do....

  2. i love it. Cassandra and Skyer would love it too!

  3. Ahah, now I know what happened to my dog. grrreat story. :)

  4. happy to hear that, roberto..
    yep, kelly, you know it.. these kitties have spunk!

  5. Great story Daphne. So cute!

  6. It reminds me of a cats and dogs movie for some reason. Very nice and funny.
    Well Daphne I live in Sri Lanka which is a tropical country so the weather is always sunny other than the rainy days. But I prefer the four season because I love when the wardrobe changes. We always want something we dont have isn't it?

  7. You just never know, with the kitties, do you?


  8. Your cats reinforce my decision to occasionally dig through the garbage can in search of misplaced deliciousness. Thanks for that.

  9. Also, thanks mucho for the award nomination! Unfortunately we don't post awards anymore, but we're greatly honored that you thought of us! Cheers!

  10. hey paps.. someday, maybe we can house-swap... you get sunny california, i get sri lanka..

    hi pearl.. we just got our first set of kittens.. they are a riot.. glad i finally succumed to my kids wishes...

    hello beer boys... thanks for stopping by.. and yes, you never know what is in the trash that just might be oh so tantalizing...

  11. What a cute story! And so exactly like kitties! LOL I would have to assume the dog is a bulldog? Sounds like one to me. Lots of bulk, not so much brain, all about the food! LOL

  12. funny jo.. i couldn't really decide what kind of dog he should be... but when i finished writing the story.. i, too, imagined a bulldog.... LOL

  13. Awesome wee story... thanks for sharing it.