Wednesday, November 16, 2011


"Are you done yet, Mom? You said we would watch a movie together."

Her son was sitting, waiting patiently on the couch.

"One minute. I just need to edit this. Make sure it makes sense. Includes all the important details," she responds, not looking his way.

"It really has surprised me how much time it takes to write one piece," she adds, to herself.

She finishes. Half an hour later.

"Movie?" she questions.

"Yeah. But hold on. I am working on something." His eyes are focused on the laptop's screen.

"Okay. Let me know when you are ready." She walks back to the desktop computer. Opens her post. Re-reads it for any errors. Makes sure it's coherent.

She finds a flaw. Or two.
A misspelled word.
A sentence that needs a pronoun.

"Mom? I'm ready," her son says.

"One minute. I just need to edit this."


  1. I think life is one continual edit! Thankfully our kids dont see all our errors :)

  2. Love it! Made me smile, on a day when they were hard to come by :-)

  3. Every post is a window and your house is so inviting. Cheers Daph.

  4. My husband and I have this same problem (kids no longer at home, or they'd be involved, also).

  5. Isn't that the truth, jen
    Oh, yea! November... Gladi had an impact on you....
    Thanks Jo...
    Thank you, Sylvia...
    Same to you, Kelly... Cheers....
    Never ending, right? Angela...

    Thanks for reading, everyone....

  6. This sounds like my house!

  7. I get interruped occasionally too, but by four-legged kids. :)

  8. I am sure it does, elizabeth... busy, busy..

    ah, nancy, yea, i've got two four legged friends always on my lap.... no complaints here... it's just life...

  9. This made me smile :o) it is so true! Technology had taken over our lives...But it has turned so many of us into 'mini-authors', which is a big plus! Hope the two of you did get to enjoy the movie at some stage :o)

  10. *chuckle* The joys of the everlasting re-write coinciding with 'I really want to do something with you but...' Great post :o)

  11. mini authors.. i like that, chantell... and yep, we did finally watch a movie together!
    hi, mojo... thanks for the compliment, and for reading, much appreciated...

  12. You know sometimes it makes me sad that we forget with technology our face to face communication. Specially for a kid it means a lot.I was in this parental course it says try to minimize the electronic part of things and have more physical and talk activities. Now I make it a point to blog after kids go to sleep or when they are in school as I feel sometimes I was exactly doing the same thing what you have written up their. They are much happier with my 100% attention.
    I think I am down to earth. :) Hope other think that about of me too. Thanks for your comment.