Saturday, December 17, 2011

¿de veras?

When I first saw Rudy, it was his face I noticed. A kind face. With a bright smile. Not the color of his skin. Nor did I hear the accent in his speech. His thick accent. An accent I only began to notice when my sister pointed it out to me.

"It's the foreigner on the phone," she said, smirky smile and all.

It was then that I began to pay attention to the way he talked. The funny mistakes he made. Without realizing it.
        My first, real idea of what I was in for as far as Rudy's accent was concerned occurred when we had taken my niece and nephew and a couple other youngsters to Magic Mountain for a day of fun.

        Hungry, as children always are, we stopped at the food hut and Rudy gallantly pushed ahead of us, ordering the afternoon's meal.
        "We'll have some SHilly dogs," he requested. All I can say is he has never lived that one down. His own children, years and years later, ask for SHilly dogs any chance they can get, having heard the story that took place way before their entry into this world.

        Another time, long ago, when Rudy and I first began playing house, the grocery shopping needed to get done. Done that day. We needed some sustenance in our little apartment. Needed to fill that fridge. Stuff those cupboards. With food. Food that Rudy would cook. On a stove. Food that I could microwave.

        Mostly, we would hit the store together, chose our personal preferences and be done with it. BUT, Rudy needed to go into work for a bit, and I just wanted to get the grocery shopping done. That morning. First thing.

        "Tank you," he said to me, in appreciation of just taking care of that particular errand. I smiled. Laughed internally. Does he want to tank me, put me under? ...or did he just attempt to say thank?

        Mr. Chef wrote out the list of items needed for the meals we'd eat throughout the week.The meals he would passionately prepare. With those oh so important items.

        Off I went. To the largest grocery store in town.

        There I was, walking up and down the aisles, piling grocery-list stuff into the rolling basket, like Espaghetti, along with all the other good things I wanted. As I approached the meat department I glanced over the list to see what Rudy was requesting.

        Ground beef, steaks, SHicken, and pork SHops.

        All I could do was bust out laughing. For the umpteen time that morning. Laugh right out loud. Without a care in the world. I was enjoying the fact that I had partnered up with a humorous guy.

        Rudy later wrote me a note, telling me how funny it all is. How he is learning the language. At least trying to. Slowly.

        "JaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJa." He concluded the note.

        "Don't you mean hahahahahahaha?" I asked.

        All he could do was belly over, and laugh.


        1. Loved this post! :o) It must make life so much more interesting when you are fortunate enough to meet someone from a different background to your own ~ there would be many differences, and so much to learn about each other too! It does sound like Rudy has such a great sense of humour :o) Which is a huge asset when you are learning a new language, I imagine! The grocery list made me laugh! Funny story :o)

        2. P.S. LOVE your new Blog revamp too! :o)

        3. This is such a heartwarming story d~ I can hear the sounds in my own head and it makes me smile. Though my Spanish probably does the same for people of that tongue, I will choose to enjoy this moment with you... and some Shilly dogs ;-)

        4. How lovely, what great memories to laugh about :)

        5. I hear dozens of accents and languages each day. Those who listen to each other, hear warmth and humanity.
          Hey, I've been to the Honduras. If Rudy's cooking, I'm on my way! Mmm, baleadas, por favor

        6. What a lighthearted look at love! Really made me smile. Then I just had to JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA

        7. thanks chantell... i like all kinds of people.. life is so much more interesting...
          hi k, happy to warm your heart...
          yeah jen, we laugh all the time about rudy's past pronunciations... he still makes mistakes, which i politely correct.... but it brings a smile everytime
          kelly, really, you've been to honduras? very cool.. i've been a few times... so different than the way i grew up.... ah, yes, baleadas, yum is right!... and rudy even makes his own.. double yum!
          hi jo, jajajajajajajaja!

        8. he sounds awesome. :) One of the things I love best about my husband is that he makes me laugh at least once a day!

        9. I think husbands have their own special language only their wives' understand, no matter where they are from! Cute post. :)

        10. His ability to laugh at himself is beautiful!

          And the JaJaJaJa! joke is fabulous!

          I worked in an elementary school we called a Mini United Nations. The second language learners, the mistakes they made, and how proud they were when they started to catch on were one of my favorite parts of working there.