Friday, December 16, 2011

no heartaches

She wonders if there is room in this lifetime for two people to somehow be friends. In a no heartaches way.

You see, he witnessed a tragedy. A really bad tragedy. She didn't. Didn't witness it. Yet, was very much affected by the lose.

She has wanted to reach out to him forever. Ever since it happened. Wanted him to know she never, ever placed the blame on him. It was no one's fault. Just an awful tragedy.

But could never find him. Until now.

She did reach out. But not in the best way possible. Her options were extremely limited. There was no way to get her feelings across. All she could do was make a request. Nothing more.

He's never responded.

She's not sure if she opened a door that he wanted to stay shut. Tight. Closed forever.

Contribution to GBE2: Curiosity


  1. "All she could do was make a request. Nothing more."

    There's something a little more. She can, if he never responds, let it go its way in peace.

  2. If the purpose was to incite curiosity... BRAVA ;-)

  3. all three comments.. make sense... yes jane, if he never responds all one can do it move on... k., i didn't mean to incite curiosity... but yeah, that i did.... i am actually curious if a comfortable communication will ever happen... kelly, yep... the door is ajar, that i believe...

  4. Reaching out is, in itself, and act of kindness and love, which even without a reply, has taken the situation in a positive, healing direction.

  5. I think reaching out was a wonderful gesture. Hope it works out the way she wants it to.

  6. I am moved by the 'reaching out, nothing more'...reaching out is everything. Regardless of the actual method, reaching out is IT. If no return of the gesture happens, then she will let it go. What choice does she have? But, I agree no response is not a negative, it's maybe a not yet?

  7. jen, all one can do is try.. then move on... not easy, but doable...
    elizabeth, diffently, kindness and love.... very postive...
    suzy, we shall see what the outcome is... either way, the good memories are great..
    jo, reaching out is definitely a first step, a good one....

    thanks for commenting everyone...

  8. I love the way you think and write.

  9. I agree with Gene Pool Diva. An unanswered request is still a door ajar.

  10. hi charlotte... thank you very, very much.... and mom, that's how i want to think about it... it's not over until it is....

  11. Deeply poetic. Sort of sad too. It's tough wanting to talk to someone who doesn't want to listen to what you have to say.


  12. Could happen some time in life...maybe just not now.