Wednesday, December 14, 2011

why am i lacking energy?

I am talking to myself. As I lie in bed. Early, early in the morning. 

"I am going to just stay put. Here. In bed. Not worry about jumping up. Giving me plenty of time to take my time before I leave for work. I'm just not feeling it. Not right now." 
"Usually, you have no problem crawling out of bed when the alarm goes off. At 5am. Especially when Rudy's text comes through. What gives?" 
"Not sure. I have been wondering the same thing. Where has my energy gone?"
"Well, something is up. You are just lying here, as if you have all the time in the world."
"I know. Right? But right now I just want to stay here, under the covers."
"Are you really tired? Overexerting yourself?"
"At the moment? Tired? No. Actually I am wide awake. I just don't feel like getting out of bed. Overexerting myself? Nah. Not me. Never."
"Hm. Let's see. You have been overindulging in food. Junk food, to be specific."
"Yeah. I agree. I have also noticed that I have been lacking in the exercise department. I mean, seriously, I have been all about getting out every day. Exercising. Doing some kind of workout. Running. Walking. Going to the gym. Jogging, uphill even, on the treadmill. Climbing the elliptical. Not lately, though. Not sure what's up with that."
"I think one thing triggers the other. In other words, your bad eating habits are draining you, therefore you have no energy to exercise. And, just as bad, your lack of exercise is causing you not to care about what you shove into your mouth. You just need to get back into exercising everyday. The great thing is that exercise naturally helps you to eat much better."
"Yep.I would agree with that assessment. Exercise and more conscientious eating go hand in hand."
"So what happened? Why the lack of exercise when you have been so determined to stick with it. Wasn't it you that said, aside from helping you eat better, you feel so much better when you work out?" 
"For sure. Life is what happened. With Rudy not here, I find I need to pick up the slack. Do the things he was doing. Being home when Brad is home, from school. With Rudy around I was able to take my time getting home. Now, I need to get myself back into town to ensure Brad isn't lacking two parents. Therefore, I have been skipping going to the gym on a regular basis."
"Sounds like this conversation has been eye-opening. Seriously, I am feeling skinny already! Having this talk with you. How about you?"
"Strangely, yes! I think I just lost some of those I am so unmotivated pounds. My packed gym bag is waiting patiently for me. Over there. Near the door. See it? Hi gym bag!"
"Uh huh. Rain or shine you will go to the gym. You are going to work out for at least 30 minutes. Brad said he can walk to Grandma's after school. Up the street. Wait there for you. He's not complaining. Wants you to be able to exercise. Feel healthy."
"Ah, what a good kid. That's awesome! I'm feeling pumped!"
"How inspiring is this? Just a conversation with me, yourself, and your energy has bloomed two-fold!"
"Yep. I am ready to start the day." 

"Talk to you... most likely as we are driving to work. We've got other motivational speeches to make!"


  1. Wow you're living my life right now. I thought these were all symptoms of depression. Good to know its just a yucky cycle I'm in right now....we'll be better to ourselves ....soon! I won't tell you about the gluten free cupcake I just had. (Sigh) wasn't even worth the calories!

  2. Can so relate to this post, its easy to get off track so easily and feel yukkkk. I hate exercise but know I need to do it, being a single Mum is sooo full time :)

  3. I love your use of different fonts.

    I've been in this cycle and didn't even know it. I wish I had someone insightful to talk me through it. Bad habits. Not exercising. Feeling awful. Not wanting to do what I usually did. I thankfully ran across a deal to a local yoga studio that offered a form of exercise I'd not tried before. So, I just did it. So glad. I could have so easily ignored it.

    I hope I remember this if I ever fall back into a bad pattern. Life so easily overwhelms...

  4. At least you've got exercise. Me, I just ramble away with no end goal in sight. Really though, when I'm stressed, I wake up about two hours earlier than usual and CANT go back to sleep. It's terrible. Perhaps I ought to get a gym membership. Re your question on our blog, the eBook is titled The Missing Link and will be available through Amazon on Monday morning! Thanks!

  5. "Hi gym bag!" Nice! Love the chuckle in the middle!