Friday, December 2, 2011


As I walk down the hall, I call out to them. Call the not so tiny anymore kitties.
"Hi, girls! Where are you?"
I glance to left. Brad's room. Brad's bed.
"Hi, Skyler. How are you?"
She stretches a paw out. In front of her.
She yawns. Wide.
She puts her chin back down on the mattress. Closes her eyes.
I call to Skyler's sister.
"Cassandra? Little girl? Where are you?"
I continue down the hall. To my room. Rudy's room, too.
I put my bag down on the bed. Change into sweats. Pull on a sweatshirt.
I walk back down the hall. To the living room.
Cassandra blends in with the couch. She's the same dark brown color.
I sit next to her.
She's splayed out. On her back. Relaxed.
"Hi girl," I say quietly. Scratch her belly.
She acknowledges me with a purr.

Skyler slowly meanders down the hall.
Jumps onto the couch.
Drops herself down. Next to her not identical twin.
Cassandra shifts her body into a sitting position.
The girls lace paws. One paw over the other.

Eyes close.
Sleep resumes.

Simple. The life of a kitty.


  1. So precious. Kelly & I have a kitty too. His tail is so long and full and pretty. Sometimes we say we wish we had a tail. We'd have to get new jeans :)

  2. that's funny paula.... a tail.. that'd be interesting.. oh, the things you could do with it! LOL

  3. Too cute, Im a cat person although they make me sneeze,it reminds me of my now passed girls Mocha & Kenya I rescued them as babies and they lived till 14 & 16yrs...good memories. I have my Sisters cat now as she moved to Singapore 3yrs ago Mr Tinks brings a good energy to the house :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! We used to have a cat named Tiggerr. I would find him lounging in my potted plants (he was an outside cat) keeping himself cool. My dog, Daisy, would be so jealous she couldn't fit in the potted plant too (as she was a 90 lb yellow lab). :) The simplicity of just being a pet.

  5. Oh they are so cute. Also love the new look of your blog. Very serene.

  6. The kitties have been a happy addition., just as you said Jen, they bring energy.... Taylor, that is so funny about daisy....Thanks Paps.... Serene is what I am about..

  7. I guess I've missed the joys of cat ownership since they make me sneeze.