Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Yearly Bonus

The Manager caught her in a lie.
She called in that morning, saying with an ultra-deep I am so sick voice, "I don't feel well. I can't make it in today."
"Alright," The Manager said. "Take it easy. Rest. See you tomorrow, hopefully."

Later that day, he came across an email. An open email sent from The Employee to a well-established customer stating she wouldn't be in the next day, that she was taking the day off, just for fun. That she'd take care of the customer's issue when she returned. "No problem," the understanding customer replied. "Have a nice day off."

"Interesting," The Manager mumbled to himself, "I wonder why she called in sick when she already made plans to take the day off." He checked the main calendar and discovered that The Employee did not request the day off, as is policy.

The Manager held on to this information. In his head. In his memory.

In her file.

Later that month, The Manager  listened to her dispute. With The Boss. His boss.
"There is no way I can come in an hour earlier. That just won't do for me," The Employee complained. Loudly.
"Well, we need you here at your new time. Starting next week," The Boss confirmed.
"Humph!" she blurted. Stomped out of his office.

"She is so used to getting her way. Doing what she pleases. Not anymore. Not with me." The Manager told himself.

After months and months of dealing with The Employee - Her complaints. Her lies. Her gossip. Her laziness. Her just wants a paycheck and nothing else matters attitude - The Manager was called into The Boss's office. To discuss a few things.

"I would like you to evaluate all the employees you oversee," The Boss told The Manager. "Your evaluations will determine each raise and yearly bonus."

"Interesting," The Manager mumbled to himself.

The Employee cried when she was told she would not be receiving a bonus. She wondered why. "Why not?" she asked. "I have been working all year, anticipating my bonus."

"A bonus is given to employees who demonstrate a willingness to help our company succeed by working hard, and maintaining professionalism on the job," is what The Boss said.

The Manager nodded in agreement. Smiled his don't mess with me smile.

She left.
Stomped out of The Boss's office.
Head down. 


  1. Love your writing! Happy Monday!

  2. Worked with too many people like that, makes it hard for everyone else!!

  3. Daph - my hubby was in HR - last being VP of HR where he had all kinds of situations like this. He would tell me stories that would make my head spin. The fact that she really doesn't see how her behavior is wrong blows my mind. And how unprofessional to tell a customer you are taking off for fun. That reflects so poorly on the company and providing that customer with service not when she feels like coming back to work. And I can't find a job! WTH is with that?!

  4. Such great writing. This really sucked me in. A great moral, and so, so true. People think that just by carrying out their basic job functions, they should be given the world. I don't think so.

  5. That was a captivating little piece. I love how you typed the character's letters in smaller type. This reminds me of how stressful work was. The minute you let down you guard and try to get away with something, BAM it hits you right in the face.

  6. Happens more often that we think! Good post!

  7. This sounds all too familiar indeed!

  8. Excellent. I think we all know this person.

  9. Go Manager! Too many people forget they are working for a business that has to succeed for them to have a job.