Thursday, January 19, 2012

fallen tree

There she was.
Way up in that huge tree.
Surrounded by boys. Nine boys.
And one girl.
Her brothers.
Her sister.
The tree had been planted by their father. Years ago.

Only when each of them was tall enough to grab the lowest branch could each kid begin to climb that huge tree.

If anyone was to look up into that extra tall tree they might think it was full of massive birds.
But it wasn't.
It was just full of kids having fun.
Calling out to each other on a hot summer day.

Daily that huge tree was climbed.
Mostly with all those boys and two girls together.
Sometimes in pairs.
Sometimes three or four.
And rarely alone.

One day those kids walked outside.
To climb again.
For the millionth time.
Only to discover the tree had fallen.
On its side.

Those kids lined themselves up.
Sat on the tree's trunk.
As it lay there.
In the sand.
Their sandy backyard.
They just sat and listened to the sadness of the ocean waves as they seemed to scream.

"The tree! The huge tree has fallen!

Those nine boys and two girls just sat there.
Lost in their own memories.
Memories of that tree.
The tree that brought them so much joy.

(contribution for Write on Wednesdays - photo prompt: the stories a tree could tell) - original piece from


  1. So picturesque... I could just see the children sitting there, lost in thought on the fallen tree..

    1. thanks for reading, donna.. and for commenting.

  2. Well, that stinks! I hate when old trees fall. I am not a tree hugger, but climbin' trees are special. ♥

    Those and my fruit trees that feed the deer. :)

    1. hi jo.... growing, we did have a huge tree to climb, in the backyard - though it never fell. due to roots taking over the foundation, it was recently chopped down. :(

  3. Replies
    1. thanks, k.... you going to try it?.. it took a few days to think about what the photo meant to me...

  4. That was wonderful! Welcome to WoW! I really liked the lines "The tree had fallen. Down. On its side. Dead" It was so clear and sad. Great writing!

    1. oh, thanks, claire... thanks for reading.

  5. I like the image of the kids as big birds in the tree, I can picture them all, clamouring over it. An interesting take on the prompt - well done! Thanks for joining in with WoW. I hope to see you back for more.

  6. This was both joyful and sad! The climbing trees of our youth are definitely special, I still remember mine vividly.

    1. yes, janelle, trees are something of a wonder. i am guessing there is no one in this world who has not had an experience with a tree...

      thanks for reading.

  7. I really like your style of writing - it's very direct with no frills and yet you paint a very vivid picture.

    Welcome to WoW :)

    1. thanks, sarah. for years i used to beat myself up for not speaking in a more detailed and flowery way... i have discovered it's okay... my writing reflects my speaking... i am a 'to the point' kind of person...

  8. I liked the picture - and more where you went with the write. I am always intrigued by the writing mind, what it sees and then what comes out on the page. It's almost like opening presents on Christmas morning. Good one.

    1. thanks brenda.
      yes, the different ways people approach an idea is very intriguing.

  9. That's beautiful!

    I'm sorry about the tree, but the memories and your beautiful story about it will keep it alive for you.

  10. lisa,
    thank goodness for memories. for sure.

  11. Climbing trees are awesome! I'd always wanted a tree house, but, growing up in the Arizona desert, it never worked out. I did have quite a few rock houses though....

    1. oh, me too, martha... a tree house. that would have been great...

      rock houses? pretty cool.

  12. Replies
    1. hi caise.
      yes, definitely magical. i love trees.