Saturday, January 21, 2012

secret revealed

Anne placed the chocolate-frosted-chocolate-cake on the kitchen table. She left a note for Ramon, who was still sleeping. "Had to go into work, unexpectedly. Will be back in a few hours. Do not eat the cake. It's for Mary. Love you."

As the front door closed, the cats jumped onto the table. Nut slid too quickly, bumping her fore-paws into the cake plate, pushing it off the table, onto the floor.

Ramon woke with a start. "Mom?" he called. He crawled out of bed. Tip-toed down the hall. "Mom?" he asked again. Then he saw it. The cake splattered on the floor. 

"What the ____?" Ramon said, a look of confusion on his face.

"How did this happen?" he looked directly at Cocoa and Nut.

Ever since he first held them, the cats knew he was the one. Their ally.

"Nut did it," Cocoa said quietly. 

Ramon's eyes opened wide. He was speechless. 

"Ramon! Say something!" Nut shouted. 
"You can talk? Since when?" 
"Since forever," Nut said.
"The cake," Cocoa said. "Can we talk about the cake, right now?"
"Uh.... okay?" he seemed to question; still amazed his cats could talk.

He took a deep breath and gathered his thoughts.

"There’s a cake just like it at the store. I’ll ride over. Buy the cake. Before my mom gets home," he said, quickly.
"Hurry!" they encouraged.

Ramon returned with a chocolate-frosted cake.

“It looks just like the one your mom made," Nut laughed.
"The cake is vanilla instead of chocolate," Ramon admitted.

Later, while Ramon, Cocoa, and Nut were talking about talking, Anne walked into Mary's kitchen, handing her the cake.

"What the ____?" Anne said, when Mary cut into the vanilla cake buried under the perfectly chocolate frosted top.

(contribution for BFF - write a short story with a setting, characters, conflict, and resolution; 300 words or less)


  1. Fab post & fits the brief to a'T'.

  2. Love the talking cats! :) And the cake was perfect!

  3. Fun and talking cats! I know they CAN talk, they choose not to. :)

  4. Very cute. Made me chuckle... which caused my cat to eye me with suspicion! Now he's washing and pretending I don't exist *grin*

  5. thank you, everyone for reading, and saying words of enjoyment.

    this was a bit hard for me to come up with, and then to limit it to 300 words. took a lot of thought, and a lot of slashing out....