Sunday, January 1, 2012


"Did you get it, Mom? Did you bring a flower home?"
"Not today, honey. Hopefully, tomorrow."

"Do you think she'd come over for dinner? Have dinner with us?" 
"I'm not sure. She's probably very busy. And she does have a family of her own."
"Will you ask her, Mom? Ask if she would come over?"
"Yes, I will mention it to her during conference tomorrow."

"How about if I send an extra lunch with you to school, to share with her?"
"Like pizza? She likes pizza," he grinned.
"Oh, sure, pizza. You think she'd like some flan, too. And maybe a salad?"
"What about a drink? Something cold to drink with your food?"
"I like soda. I bet she does, too."

"Alright, honey, are you sure you can handle all this? It is quite a bit of food for such a young boy to carry."
"I can do it, Mom. I'm strong."
"Oh, and look. I finally found a flower for you to give her. It's red. Her favorite color."
"She will really like that."

"Teacher. Teacher. I brought our lunch!"
"Oh, fun. It looks so yummy. This is so nice of you. Why did you chose me to have lunch with? And a red flower! Wow!"
"I just think you are nice teacher. That's all. Oh, and I like being in your class."


  1. Great parenting = beautiful children, so sweet xx

  2. Oh, so sweet. What a touching story and a thoughtful young man.

  3. That's sweet!


  4. That is really so sweet. Happy New Year Daphne.

  5. What a great little story! Such a sweet boy.