Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Your smile is what got me. And your kindness.

"I have never met anyone so nice. Such a gentleman," I told you.

When we went for a walk, while everyone else ate their midnight snack, we just talked. Comfortably. Neither of us tried to pretend we were something we weren't.

We held hands. For the first time.

We just walked. And walked. Followed the paved sidewalk. Curved with it.

We didn't know each other. At all. We had just met a few hours before.

"I really like you," you said to me.
"Like me? You don't even know me," I stated, astonished.

You laughed.

"Well. Physically. I like you. I like your look," you tried.

I lowered my eyes, embarrassed.

We walked a bit more.

You grabbed hold of my hand. Again.

Then we kissed. A good kiss. Not a peck on the lips kiss. But the beginning of a lifetime together kiss.

We never did play the games. The relationship games. We simply told each other the truth. How we felt.

Remember when we moved in together? To begin the beginning. Of our relationship. How it felt so natural? That it was the right thing to do?

I remember sitting on that old brown couch. With you. Four months in. When you looked at me. Looked me in the eye. And proposed.

"Yes," I said quietly. Knowing I was making the right decision. To marry you.

We've been through years and years of life experiences together. And apart. Yet, we have never given up on what is meant to be.




  1. AWWWW. What a wonderful tribute to your beginning. Happy Birthday to your hubby! I like him already...he's a Capricorn like me. ;)

  2. Beautiful d~... that lovelight just shines brighter all the time. Happy Birthday Rudy! Nice write d~

  3. I love this, I love you, I love dad, all so much! Happy Birthday Dad!

  4. Love like this makes a person believe in reincarnation.

  5. thank you, ladies and my liz - love you! - and roberto - HEART, honey!...

    i am very lucky.. rudy is a great person to know and to share this world with...

  6. The card at the end was a nice touch. Thanks for the visit.


  7. Awesome Daph! Happy Birthday to Rudy!

  8. Daphne, your post are always so beautiful moving ...ALL of them! Love to you, Rudy, Liz, Roberto and Bradford!

  9. If you can maintain that passion throughout your marriage, it will never fail. :)

  10. What a lovely tribute to your love. You are a lucky couple : )

  11. What a sweet beginning. Happy birthday, Rudy!

  12. Now this is a beautiful History post! Happy birthday to Rudy and many happy years of hand holding and smooching to you two.