Sunday, January 8, 2012

the do everything parent

Sunday morning should be reserved for staying in bed. Late.

Not for me. Not today, anyway.

Brad had two soccer games. Yep. Two.

I woke up, only to sort of enjoy a cup of tea. Watch TV. For no more than 10 minutes. Just to pass the time.

Brad needed waking. To have time to shower. To wake himself up. Completely.

We're off.

We arrived on time. To the field. In a city 30 minutes away.

No one was there. Not even the coach.

We waited.

People began to trudge in. Into the parking lot. Onto the field.

I set up my chair. Sat alone. And watched Brad's team lose.

We had an hour and thirty minutes to ourselves before the second game started.

Today was our day to bring a half-time fruit refreshment plus an after the game snack. So, I drove us to the grocery store to pick up some quick, fun for the kids food.


We never did eat a proper breakfast so we ordered some lunch. And sat. For, maybe half an hour, to fill up. Get some much needed energy into Brad.

We had to leave. Return to the field before we could finish our meal. We packed it all up. For later. And left.

Back at the soccer field.

Brad walked off. To join his team. While I loaded the cooler with snacks, drinks, and fruit. But no ice. I forgot to buy ice.

I set up my chair. Again. For the second time. I sat near a woman I sorta kinda not really know. We said "hello". Then watched the game. Watched our sons' team lose again.

Back in the car, Brad asked how he did. "Fine," is all I said. He didn't say anything else. Just seemed lost in thought. "I think I did better in the second game?" He was curious if I felt the same.

We talked most of the way home. About the game. About the other team.

About how tired we felt.


Brad gatherered a few things from the car. A small backpack, his cleats, and shin guards. He walked to the front door and sat. On the porch chair. To wait for me. The keeper of the keys.

Meanwhile, I was loading up everything else that does not belong in the car. My purse, iPad, and my foldable chair. Plus trash, empty cups, and both of our sweatshirts. And the half full thank goodness it rolls ice chest.

"Whoa! You've got a lot of stuff!" Brad said.

I mumbled something rather rude. Unlocked the front door. And proceeded to put everything in its place while Brad lounged on the couch.

The do everything parent. We are everywhere.


  1. Yep. It's hard enough when both parents are in the same house, let alone when it all falls to one. You're pretty amazing.

  2. I agree with WN, you are an amazing woman, mother, and friend.

  3. ah, thanks. both of you are awesome as well. simply kind people. with no expectations. my kind of friends. <3

  4. I look up to you, Mom. You are wonderful!

  5. Oh, not missing the sports run around as we are on hols...nice change...and why do our children think we are 'pack horses'??

  6. Been there done that and not missing it one bit!

  7. You are wonderful. Don't forget it.