Saturday, January 7, 2012

i already knew what the cats confirmed

Cats are really like us. They have their needs. Their wants. All of us find different ways to get what we desire.

Cats want immediate gratification. Mostly.

People want things quickly, too.

Except for trust. Trust takes a while. Trust is something someone earns. It's not a given.

Cats seem to feel the same way.

When Cassandra wants attention she plops down on a warm lap. Enjoys the slow caresses along her chin line. The petting of her body. And falls asleep.

Skyler? She observes from the sidelines. She wants to crawl in next to her sister, but she doesn't. Cooing intrigues her. Yet isn't enough to lure her in. She walks off. Sits on the other end of the couch. Alone. Ears bent.

People act this way.

Some pull right up. Fit right in. And are completely comfortable with their action. With themselves. Knowing they will be accepted.

Some stand back. Watch. Observe. Nothing more. Unsure if their presence is welcome.

Neither way is better. Both are individual attributes.

Although, most people are more comfortable with the person who simply steps up and joins in. Into a conversation. As part of the crowd. Someone who a second ago was an outsider, yet immediately became an insider. So easy.

People tend to have a harder time understanding the person who stands off. Away. Without a word.

Cassandra has adapted easily to her living quarters. To the people who adore her.

For Skyler it is a daily thing. Deciding if she should stand back or indulge. Each day is different. Even though, on some level, she knows that she, too, is loved.

Cats seek love, attention, and acceptance.

And ask for it immediately.

Or eventually.

Just as Skyler does when she later plops herself down in front of the computer screen, reaching out her paw for a pet.

Just like some people do.

Except, instead of a paw, people reach out with words. And a simple touch on an arm, or shoulder.


  1. Such an insightful post d~ Cats as mirrors to our own psyches, it's a fascinating way to bring it to the forefront... as always, I enjoyed your post!

  2. You have such a wonderful way of conveying your thoughts and observations. Terrific, as always.

  3. Sometimes I think my Felix is smarter than I am. He is the lap type - every time I sit down. Great post.

  4. Sometimes I wish I could reach out with a paw. It seems easier.

  5. thanks k. these kitties inspire me. remind me what is real in this world.
    liz. thank you. what you read is truly in my head.
    kat. yeah, sometimes i wonder. the cats look at me like they know so much more than they let on. both these cats are great. i embrace both personalities.
    bragon. isn't that the truth. no one would question your motive, that's for sure.

  6. I'm sure animals know so much more than we do...that is why they didn't receive the gift of talking. ;) They just communicate differently. But I think their perception is smack dab on. Great post!

  7. I have to admit sometimes I'm scared of cats
    they are too smart:)
    I wish I could have but I'm allergic to them :(

  8. Wow, Skylar is so very similar to my cat, Mittens! Honestly they could be twins...I will have to show you a photo :o) Very insightful post, Daphne! I've always thought cats are such wise beings ~ they don't suffer fools gladly, lol! Mittens is very much like Skylar too, will stand back, only come in for cuddles if the 'coast is clear' from too many kids, and is very particular about people too... Really great post :o)