Tuesday, January 3, 2012


She enters the gym. On a good day. A good time. Full of energy.

She climbs up onto the stairs. The machine that acts as if she was climbing a ton of steps. As if she's walking step by step, floor to floor, of a forty-story building. Climbing for fifteen minutes. Nonstop.

She can feel her muscles work with each step. Feel them ache.

It's been a while since she clocked in her visit. A visit to improve her health. Regularly.

Lately, she's been walking. Up steep streets. Down the other side. Working those muscles. Daily.

She climbs off the stair machine. Walks over, just a few feet, to the treadmill. To walk. To run. On a leveled surface. On an incline.

She's tired. But determined.

She thinks about aging. That if she doesn't do this now, it will only get harder. Later. When she's older.

For another fifteen minutes she works. Works her muscles. Her heart. Her mind.

Standing tall. Erect. Feet still moving. She waits as the machine slows. Slows down. Until it stops. Then she walks with a just do it attitude to the last of her workouts for the afternoon.

She steps up onto the crossramp. One foot on each peddle. She manuevers her feet back and forth. Back and forth. Sometimes on a leveled surface. Sometimes slightly raised. Going up. Then down. In quick movements. Quick motions.

Fifteen minutes more. Of exercise. She works herself.


She walks out the door. Of the gym.

To head home.
To shower.
To relax.

To work on something else.


  1. Good approach, respect for those who manage to work out on a regular basis!

  2. Aaand I officially feel like a lazy piece of crap. Cheers to you and all those work-outers. You make me realize that I shamefully need to get a gym membership.

  3. So you are saying some people actually GO to the gym? They voluntarily work out? Okay. I hear that, but I don't understand it. I don't wanna play, either. I do feel sweaty just following your workout though~does that count?

  4. Nice take on this weeks word prompt. I kind of identify with "A beer for the shower"... I didn't even bother to make it a new year resolution this year....

  5. Great take on the subject. I'm jealous that you work out. I live so far from any of the gyms that I just don't make it to them. Good post.

  6. It makes the something else so wonderful doesn't it?

  7. I would say going outside is funner but that's hard to do with weather like this.. Best of luck this year :)

  8. I like the way you tackled this one d~ but did you have to remind me that I didn't do my work out yet??? (grinZ)

  9. Great job. Love this.Heres to 2012

  10. Great post! I need to get my rear in gear and get back to WORKing out. :) The afterwards is always the best! :)

  11. I def have to join a gym ;-) It's my new year's resolution:)

  12. oh, i am so sorry if i made many of you feel you needed to get off your arse and move! not my intention....

    but, hey, if it works... whoop! whoop!

    also, i find walking around the neighborhood, especially the areas with a bit of a hill, is just as good a place to workout... i actually prefer the nature, over the indoor, confined space...

    happy 2012, all!

  13. Great take on working! Makes me feel very lazy!

  14. I've always been an inconsistent worker-outer. I'm not sure why I let myself get off track, though, because once I get past the "I don't feel like it" thing and get started, working out and the time afterward feels fantastic!

  15. It takes a lot of motivation, determination and physical strength to get to that gym and exercise. Bravo!

  16. Such a clever perspective of 'Work'...so true, we do all work hard at the gym! Made me feel guilty just to read this, as my local one here has been closed over Christmas/New year, so I haven't been able to go for over two weeks!! Great post :o)

  17. That sounded like seriously hard work! Nice piece, I enjoyed it :o)

  18. You know--it is usually minute 13 or 14 for me when I feel I just can't go on any longer (on any given machine) and then like out of no where my body feels revived (about minute 15) and I can go for another 30-40 minutes without any problems. I love hitting the 15 minute mark!!

    Cheers, Jenn.

  19. yup
    you are right. exercise is like work. It is work that I do after work. Perhaps, I can claim all the clothing I purchase as a work expense on this year's taxes.