Wednesday, January 4, 2012

hey dude!

"Hey, guys. Want to come back to our place?" Brandee wondered.
"Yeah. It's still early. Come on over," Jerry stated.
"Okay. Sure," I said, looking at Rudy for confirmation. He nodded.

We had just been to El Cantina, a bar. For the evening. For fun. The four of us. Young adults. Hanging out.

Back at their place, as the early morning hours tick-tocked passed, while Rudy and Jerry were deep in conversation, I decided it was time for me to head home. It was late. I was tired.

Rudy would have to find his own way home. Or just crash on their couch. 

"I will see you later, Brandee," I said to my good friend.
"Call me when you get home. Just to let me know you made it there safely," she requested.
"Will do," I responded.

I looked across the room, towards Rudy and Jerry. Overheard a bit of their heavy conversation.

"Well, I was born here. In the United States. So I am an American," Jerry was saying to Rudy.
"What do you mean? We are both Americans," Rudy responded.
"Nah," Jerry mumbled.
"You are a North American. I am a Central American. And there are South Americans. We are all Americans," Rudy was determined to get his point across.

I walked over. Touched Rudy's arm. Kissed his cheek. And said, "See ya."

As promised, when I arrived home I called Brandee to let her know I had made it. To my parents home. Where I was living at the time.

"Oh, wait!" she said, before I had a chance to hang up. "Something is up with the guys. It sounds like they are pissed."

Just as Brandee informed me of the dispute, Rudy noticed that she was talking on the phone. And assumed it was me.

"Is that Daph? I need to talk with her!" he said, angrily.

Brandee passed him the phone.

"Daph! I need you to get back over here! Pick me up! This guy is being rude! He just called me dude!"

I laughed.

"Rudy. Dude is just like calling you man. You know like hey, man! what's up?"

I couldn't stop snickering at another lost in translation moment.

Rudy laughed into the phone.
I heard a slap.
He'd smacked his forehead.
He was embarrassed.

I could only imagine that he was having another belly laugh at another mistake he'd made. A mistake of not understanding the slang of Jerry's North American tongue.

As he was hanging up the phone I heard him shout, "Hey, dude! We're cool! I'm good! Dude!"

Jerry laughed.

So did Rudy.


  1. I love it when you make me laugh!

  2. I am so glad Rudy has a good sense of humor! It must be very difficult to understand the slang of our language. Seriously, I don't always get it and I don't have any other language in my head!

  3. I love it when our misunderstandings unravel into a belly laugh.

  4. Funny one Rudy :)

  5. That's fun d~... the variations in cultural communication can bring about some hilarious moments. :-)

  6. Makes me think of "Hey Dude, where's my car?" Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Love it. I seriously love these stories!

  8. Countries divided by a common language make for great copy. Funny, but I have to wonder how many times I've confused someone with my own words. Too scary to think about.

  9. These stories are great! I read it twice! :P

  10. Thanks for making a grumpy girl giggle this morning!

  11. You have a fantastic memory! I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. :) Truly a glimpse of life.

  12. what a greaaat post love your blog =) follow

  13. Definitely a breakdown in communication -- glad it ended well. :)

  14. thanks everyone... this is a story rudy and i have laughed about over the years....

    just a funny moment in time... that has helped shape our relationship...