Thursday, February 9, 2012


He wrapped the watch around my wrist. My dad did. A beautiful, slim, silver Seiko. Gently strapped it on the night of my high school graduation. Thus began my love of watches.

There are not too many.
Just enough.
Only a few were fancy.
Most nostalgic.

A time piece is classic.
Forever necessary.
A fashion statement.
A status symbol.
Simply, a watch just is.

For me.

Rudy was amused with my collection of watches. Seeing them lined up just so on the dresser top. Knowing I would wear a different one on different days. Depending on my mood.

So when he had been going on and on about how he'd like to buy his mom a watch. For Christmas. Or her birthday. Or just because. For some reason, anyway. That it would be his way to gently show her how much he still loved her. Miles and miles away. In another country. A gesture of sorts...... he knew, of all people, that I understood the idea, the feeling behind such a special gift.

One day, the apartment needed some attention. Some cleaning. Clothes needed washing. Pockets needed checking. Just to be sure I wouldn't water down something that didn't need water.

What's this? I asked the walls. Why, it looks like a receipt for a watch. For Rudy's mom? Wow! He picked an expensive watch! A Movado. A sleek, thin, all black one. With a small piece of gold right in the spot where the number twelve should have been. Wow!

Just then Rudy walked into the bedroom, where he found me sitting on the bed, blankets strewn at my feet.

"Um. It's nice that you got your mom a watch but, I'm pretty sure you spent way too much. We can't really be spending money like this." I tried to seem nonchalant.
He stared at me. Hard.
Uh-Oh, I thought. I shouldn't have said anything. That's his mom we are talking about. Buying something for her. Anything. Should not be an issue. Ever. She's a wonderful person. To him. To me.

Rudy stood there, speechless. For a moment. Looked hurt.

"It's not for my mom. It's for you. A gift, for working so hard. For graduating from college. I just wanted you to know how proud I am of you. To add to your collection."

He slowly walked out of the room. I ran to him. Hugged him. And said sorry. Right then and there. That's all I could do. Anything else would have seemed false. Uncaring.

Except for the broad smile spreading across my face. The smile Rudy would eventually see. Knowing what an awesome addition to my family of watches the Movado would make.

(Write on Wednesday prompt: a collection)


  1. I knew we were kindred spirits! I love watches. I have quite a collection expensive ones though...just fun ones! :D)

    1. someday, kat.. maybe we can share them.. in person.. tell each other where they originated from.

  2. This is a wonderful write d~ I have a pretty extensive collection of my own... some on chains, a ring in the shape of a heart, and a drawer FULL of watches. Fascinated with time perhaps? ;-)

    1. oh, yes, i have a ring watch too. ... doing this made me realize i need to start wearing some of them again... i've had an affinity for the one i wear daily... an old one of my dad's....

  3. Good story, and gradually revealed to keep the reader interested . I Like!

  4. This is such a human nature story. I could empathize with both characters...made me cringe a little! Nice work.

  5. Oh that is so sweet. Yes sometimes we do jump the gun dont we? Ha

  6. That was adorable! I loved your take on the prompt, and you went about writing it in a different and interesting way. Great job!

    1. thank you, clair. i try to think outside the box... not always easy... but more fun, for me.

  7. Aww, man what a perfect gift!!! :) Beautifully written too! :)

    1. thank you, taylor. definitely, a perfect gift!

  8. You've made me wish I had a watch collection now! My husband owns a couple, but I've never really owned a really nice watch. Maybe I should add that to my list of things to do this year!
    What a nice thoughtful thing for your husband to do for you too.

  9. Some people are addicted to watches. For instance, when my mother, at age 99, broke her hip and landed in the hospital, the first thing she asked for (demanded) was her watch.