Tuesday, February 21, 2012

one person, two lives

He was the boss. The boss of all bosses. In control. Told everyone what to do. In the best kind of way. He was awesome. Pleasant. Caring. Calm. And understanding. Yep. He was the boss everyone wanted. The one that wanted everything done. With input. From everyone. Wanted to work as a team. He treated everyone with respect. He cared how dedicated an employee was, and how loyal. Everyone wanted to please him. The happy boss. The greatest boss. Everyone loved their job. Working with the boss. The boss of all bosses.

The boss walked into his home. Quietly. So quietly. After a long day of being the best boss around. He tried to sneak in so his wife wouldn't know he was home. He wanted to go straight to the den. To just sit. And watch something. Anything. On TV. To find some solace. But, as usual. He wasn't quiet enough. She heard the click of the front door. His wife always heard the click. She knew he was home.

She was the boss. The boss of all bosses. Of their home. In control. Told him what to do. In a bitchy kind of way. She wasn't kind. Pleasant. Caring. Calm. Or even understanding. No. She was the boss. The boss that told him what to do. The one that wanted everything done. Her way. Without exception. She treated him with disrespect. She didn't care how dedicated a husband he was, or how loyal. He was afraid of her. The mean, arrogant housewife. He couldn't leave her. Didn't know how. So he just put up with her shit. Her dirty, dirty shit.

(contribution for Blogging For Fun prompt: we can't judge someone on the inside solely based on what we see on the outside)

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