Monday, February 20, 2012

warrior woman

(contribution for GBE2 prompt: Jane fell asleep. She cut her face on a wine glass. (See HER story here.... that's what she says....  But, What really happened to Jane?)

Jane sat. In Starbucks. At a table. Towards the back. Drinking coffee. Getting ready to blog. Write something interesting, or fun, or whatever, for a group of other bloggers. Using the word strength as a prompt. She opened her laptop. And for some reason the icon for her son's game flashed bright. Grabbing her attention. Why not? she asked herself. Why not just see what all the hype is about? What the kid thinks is so mesmerizing about this game of war. She clicked on the square emblem.

The game came alive. She chose an avatar. Warrior Woman. Dressed in full metal armor. Holding a rather large diamond studded sword and a huge scythe. Game on.

Jane grinned. Beginning to understand why her son spent so much time playing this fantasy. It was definitely thrilling. Completely mesmerizing. She was lost of all reality as she guided her avatar in the game.

Suddenly, an enemy approached. Tried to level Warrior Woman with an enormous ax. But Warrior Woman was quick. Knocked him down. To the ground. And jabbed him with her sword. Dead. Unexpectedly, her heavy helmet fell from her head. Her golden brown locks flowing over her shoulders.

Jane looked up. People were staring. At her. Eyes wide. Mouths open. She assumed they were wondering why she was playing a kids game. Not acting her age. She smiled. Lower her head in embarrassment. Put her hands to her face. Felt warm, sticky blood. A gash. A huge one. She pulled her hands away. Looked at the blood on her hands.

"What the hell!?" she shouted. Loud.
"What happened?" someone shrieked, astonished.
"I don't know!" Jane screamed back.

Someone called 911. Jane was rushed to the hospital. A doctor quickly stitched her up. With 27 stitches! Down the left side of her face. Temple to jaw line. She had no idea how to explain her injury, to anyone.

Her friend was on his way. To pick her up. Left Jane's son at home with his own son, and an older sibling. He decided to let Jane tell her son about the injury, as he rushed out the front door.

Mom? her son had texted her, as she and her friend were heading back home. Did you do something with my game? Play it maybe? On your computer?
Jane texted back. Um. Why?
There's a new avatar. Warrior Woman. And she's kneeling on the ground. Holding her face in her hands. It looks like someone sliced her face open. Down one side.

Jane was speechless.

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