Monday, March 5, 2012


She fell to the floor. Onto her knees. Unexpectedly. All because she hit her toe, the pinky one, against the door jam as she was exiting the bathroom. It didn't hurt, but she did lose her balance.

Ironically, strangely, she heard a crack. Like a knuckle, when someone folds their fingers over and presses them down. Popping them. To loosen them.

She stood. Wiggled her toes. Only felt a slight irritation. Nothing that was a big deal. Again, thinking how weird it was that she literally heard something crack, but wasn't feeling any pain.

Not at that moment, anyway. It took several hours for her to begin to feel that she had indeed hurt the pinky. Began to feel a slight pain as it traveled up her foot. Which only felt worse when she tucked herself into bed for the night. Sliding her feet under the blankets, cringing at the weight. How it hurt. Realizing she did more damage than she thought.

She awoke the next morning, in even more pain, and spent the day, at work, walking around, limping slightly, wanting to get home to put her foot up. Give it a rest.

Until then, while putting pressure on, specifically, the ball of her right foot, she began to realize that the injury she incurred was a confrontation. With herself. To rethink how she's been thinking. Lately.

In a word. Negative.

A reminder that she needed to keep things simple. Stop over-stressing over the not such great things and put her mind back on track with what is right with her life. The life she shares with her kids. And her faraway husband. But mostly, the daily interaction with her children. How she's allowing herself to fall into the trap of finding fault with everything, rather than what is good. That she's been forgetting to look at their faces and appreciate the fact they are part of her days. By choice.

Even in the midst of a throbbing, yikes! this really hurts! foot, she's managed to put things back into perspective. 

All because her toe confronted the door jam. Which caused her to confront herself.

Or, a divine intervention?

(contribution for GBE2 word prompt: confrontation)

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