Friday, March 2, 2012


Kate and George had been anticipating this day for quite a while now. Today was March 20th. The first day of spring. Kate's due date. The day she would deliver their twin girls. Emma Brown and Ivy Ohm.

George rushed her to the hospital, in a bit of a panic, after she rubbed her enormous belly, and simply stated, "I think my water broke." Kate wore a scrunched face. She ground her teeth. Her mouth was upturned on one side, nose pinched, as if there was a bad odor in the air, and her right eye squeezed shut. As she lumbered down, what seemed a very long corridor, she gripped George's arm. And he tenderly lay his crossed-over hand upon hers, helping to steady her. He could see how uncomfortable she was but, as usual, she was putting on a brave face. Holding it in. George knew that that was how she handled most situations. As calmly as possible. Kate breathed slowly. Deeply. Steeling herself. Soothing her mind.

They sat, the two of them, on a bench near the nurses station. George's foot bounced unknowingly, his anxiety on display. Just as he was about to jump up and find someone to help them, a nurse walked out from a back room. "Are you in labor?" she asked. Carefully, with concern. Kate nodded. George said, "Yes."

Without hesitation she asked them to follow her, and immediately placed them in a quiet, very small closet-like space. "I'm sorry," the nurse mumbled, "but we have had an influx of patients unexpectedly delivering today. I hope you don't mind this makeshift room." It wasn't a question, but rather a statement that the area would have to do. The two walked into the medically equipped area. Not minding at all. George held Kate's hand as she circled around to the far side of the bed. Helped her onto the bed, and positioned her as comfortable as possible. He only backed off when the room suddenly filled with ten or more medical staff, helping Kate through her first time mom delivery.

Within no more than forty-five minutes, both girls were delivered. First Emma. Then Ivy. And both were placed on Kate's chest, face-to-face, belly-to-belly, toe-to-toe, to feel her warmth. "Beautiful!" George proudly stated. Kate grinned, happily. Tiredly.

Suddenly, both newborns, reached out an arm. Reached toward each other, until their hands bumped. Fingers-to-fingers.

Kate and George looked at each other. Then back at their girls.

A smile. A loving smile. On the face. Of two new parents. Sat there. Thrilled. Both excited with what the future may hold.

(contribution for BFF word prompt: smile)

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