Thursday, April 12, 2012

k is for kiss

A-Z CHALLENGE (hosted by a variety of writers) : April's task is to write something, anything using the letters of the alphabet as an inspiration for each post. In honor of one of my favorite authors, I will use Sue Grafton's title set-up: K is for... L is for... M is for... (and so on.).

He drew her to him. 
She hesitated for only a second. 
Then followed his lead pressing herself enticingly against him.

She raised her eyes, looked at him. 
He gazed back at her.
As his fingers gently combed her hair.

Her eyes closed.
Felt his hand lift her chin, bringing her glossed lips up, touching his. 
Warm breath drawing them closer.

She felt his tongue. 
As it skillfully lured its way into her mouth.
Gliding over her silky smooth teeth. 

She responded.

He pressed against her.
His excitement rising, intensely. 
She followed his rhythm with equal passion..

He grasped the sides of her face. 
Fingers entwined in her wavy locks.

They kissed. 
Like there was no tomorrow.


They wanted to savor the moment.
Savor each other.


They began to slow down.
 Touch lip to lip.

As they fell in love once again. 
With another kiss.

Another passionate kiss.

To last a lifetime. 

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