Sunday, May 20, 2012


She found a dog. A cute, little buff-colored Cocker Spaniel. Roaming around her neighborhood. Looking lost. Scared. And hungry. She picked him up. Oh so gently. And placed a bowl of water down, and some food. For him to drink from, and to nibble at. Then she made a sign, determined to find its owner, yet hoping no one would respond. Just so she could keep that sweet little pup. With her. Forever and ever.

Happily, for the Spaniel, someone called. Said they'd be right over. To pick up their beloved pup. And to thank her for taking care of him.

Well, right then and there, she decided she wanted a Cocker Spaniel of her own. To name. To feed. To care for. So she searched the papers. For dogs. And found someone selling buff-colored pups. Only six or so weeks old. So she called. To say she wanted one. But, they honestly told her that the dogs did not have papers proving they were a breed. And because of that, they were selling them for cheaper than cheap. Which she didn't mind. About the papers. All she knew was that she wanted one. One of those Spaniels. One of those pups.

When the time was right, she picked one up, and brought it home to care for. And to love. And named him HUCKLEBERRY. Like Tom Sawyer's friend.

Then one day, she moved. Moved far away. To an apartment where dogs weren't allowed. So, she left him behind. Hoping he'd be okay. And he was. Until the day he was hit by a car. And taken to the vet. Who told her HUCKLEBERRY had been injured. That it was serious. And the best option was to put him down. To sleep. To euthanize him.

She went to see him. To say goodbye. Before his time was up. She hugged him. Kissed him. Petted him, gently. And then she walked away. Sadly. Tears in her eyes.

She returned home. To her boyfriend. And fell into his arms. Crying like an unsoothable baby. Until she was all cried out. Then she began to talk. About HUCKLEBERRY. How she felt she failed him. And swore she would never, ever get a dog again. Not until she was fully dedicated to caring for him.

In the end, she spoke about how special HUCKLEBERRY was. How sweet. And gentle. And how forever his name will remind her of a buff-colored Spaniel, from long ago.

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