Monday, August 20, 2012


Sliced plantains were frying, sending their aroma throughout the duplex in Arkansas, when a snapshot was pulled from Rudy's memory closet.

Suddenly, his mind flashed back to California, to him standing in the kitchen, preparing a family meal; starting with tossing green bananas, a staple food from his homeland, into hot, sizzling oil. As he watched the plantains cook, the kids would walk into the kitchen, noses protruding, asking for a lightly salted chip or two, smothered in butter. When they'd reach out towards the hot snack, Rudy would tease them, slapping their hands away, saying no, with a smirk on his face.

Rudy knows his cooking always brings his family forth. And he has always appreciated our love of the meals he provides us, and more so, the love that bonds us during those special moments.

He will be here, in California, in a few weeks, and he is already, in his mind, preparing our favorite dishes, anticipating a constant flow of companionship.

The snapshot that gleefully filled his mind is a feeling of happiness. Happy to know he has people who truly love him, awaiting his arrival, and that he will fill our environment with the delicious smells of his home-cooked food.

(GBE2 prompt: snapshot)

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