Sunday, September 2, 2012


We have not seen Rudy for four months. Most of our contact is via phone calls, texts, and an occasional photo. So when he arrived late in the evening for a ten day visit with us, here in California, we chatted about this and that, until we were too exhausted to talk anymore.

The following late morning, Rudy and I were in the car, cruising down the boulevard, running a few errands. 

It felt like we had never been apart.

One of the reasons Rudy and I are able to manage our long distance relationship is that we are guaranteed to fall right back into our couple routine.  As we drove along, in the midst of an everyday conversation, I was reminded about how comfortable we are with each other.

"I feel like no time has passed between us. It's as if you've never been gone," I commented.
"That's what I was thinking," Rudy agreed. "We've just picked up where we left off."
"I mean, seriously, that is why this works for us," I added.

We looked at each other, and smiled.

Later, as I was sitting in front of the computer, Rudy sat on the couch, beer in hand. He put his feet up, turned on the TV, and sank in, ready to enjoy a game of soccer. 

I looked over at him, enjoying the comfort of his presence. 

"What?" he asked, his voice lilting a bit, producing a sense of happiness.
"I just like that we don't feel the need to put on a show for each other. To make up for time lost. We just begin again. Comfortably. Contently."
"I agree," he said. "Even though we spend a lot of time apart we are able to fall back into a comfortable routine. I like that."

I walked over to him, sat, and laid my head of his shoulder. Rudy kissed the top of my head as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"I love you, Daph," he quietly said.
"And I love you, Rudy."

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  1. i do think that is rare. I think that many of us would feel obligated to create a fuss...each and every time.

    what a great example you set for your kids.