Thursday, October 4, 2012

daphne in charge

(BlogFest2012 prompt: Will you take charge? submitted by Stuart)

Well, you see, I am more suited to sitting back, relaxing, and absorbing everything, simply by watching and listening. When people talk, I take in the information and use what I need, enjoy the fun stuff, and forget about anything that doesn't apply to, or even interest, me.

But, I take charge when needed. I can definitely step up to the plate, take control, and get things done. I'm efficient, organized, and finish what I start. I can boss a class of 5th graders around, tell them to get to work, and stop talking. They might give me a challenging look, but I can eye them back, quiet them down, just by my giving them my perfected I am watching you! stare.

Here. At home. Well, of course I'm in charge. I'm the mom! I have a job to do. A very important one. So, I control what needs controlling, keeping necessary order around this place. Except, when it comes to my relationship with Rudy. It is not about who is in charge. Me or him. It's about a partnership. At times, Rudy knows best, other times it's me.

Therefore, yes, I do take charge, not because I like to control situations, but rather out of necessity. And, well, I can also take a step back, and be lead, without concern.

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