Saturday, October 6, 2012

masters online

(BlogFest2012 prompt: Online Courses submitted by Toni)
Despite returning to the local university six months pregnant, I managed to eventually earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Later, with a second child in tow, I went on to earn a multiple subject teaching credential, allowing me to accept a position in a first grade classroom. For me, though, my education didn't stop there. When my third child was approximately two years old, I enrolled in an online program, with the determination of earning my Masters of Science, in Curriculum Instruction and Reading.

There was no way I could even imagine having to enroll in and actually attend courses on site, at a university. I needed to squeeze my time into smaller frames; therefore, taking classes online seemed to be my only option if I seriously wanted to accomplish enhancing my skills as a teacher. Along with a group of teachers from work, I focused on projects, papers, and discussions regarding the techniques we were learning, just as I would have done had I arrived to classes several times a week, along with other post grad hopefuls. After twenty months of both online interactions and face-to-face meetings, I received stellar grades along with my professionally-set degree in the mail.

My daughter is on the verge of graduating, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the same university I earned mine, and is now considering a Masters. She asked me about courses online, and if I'd recommend the time and effort it took for me to meet my goal. I told her for sure, yet, I also told her it is a personal decision. It depends on what she hopes to get from the experience. My situation was completely different from hers, so she may find attending classes would work best. On the other hand, if she was to intern or find some type of job after graduation, limiting her time, online would be an ideal way to reach her next goal. Either way, its the achievement of obtaining what she strives for that will satisfy her inner self. As it did mine.

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