Thursday, December 6, 2012

5th grade love

As a fifth grade teacher, I find myself, on occasion, reflecting about my days as a youth. I think about the social aspect of school life, and especially about the-boy-of-the-year that I was crushing on. Back then I would spend my days gazing at each yearly-boy, feeling happy just being near him. Most times, the boys didn't know I liked them, and those that were aware of my pitter-pattering heart didn't care. But that didn't really matter, because for me, just being able to stare at some cute kid all day long was enough. That's it. Nothing more.

My current students learned early on that I am someone they can trust. They've realized that I am true to my word when I told them that I will not get mad as long as they are always truthful with me. After one brave girl tested me by telling me her secret and learned very quickly that I would not repeat what I was told, no matter how many times the other kids asked me to divulge her information, she began telling her peers You can tell her, she won't tell anyone. As a result, other kids began to trust me. And before I knew it, I was privy to their 5th grade conversations.

The love lives of my fifth graders became an open book. He likes her. She likes him. They are going-with each other. No, they don't go on a date date, but they might hold hands. 

Simply sweet, innocent drama.

Or not.

I've been told that one of the boys might think a girl is pretty, sure, but he is also observant of her backside. And has decided that that is reason enough to go-with a girl.

He likes big butts, some of the girls giggled as they told me.

All I could think about was the song I Like Big Butts by Sir Mix-a-Lot and wondered if the boy had a true understanding of what he had said, or that he simply repeated the lyrics of a catchy tune.

Fifth grade.

A new generation.

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