Sunday, December 9, 2012

growing up romero

Liz is moving out.
Roberto wants to entertain a viewing audience.
And Brad is planning a successful high school experience.

Three kids. Three lives. 

Liz is at a turning point in her life.  She has made the all-important decision to move in with her boyfriend, Chris; an exciting independent choice. The transition from the home she grew up in, and her new place will be easy for her to adjust to. Chris is just as excited about this journey they are about to embark on, and, well, she is still close enough to our home to bridge the gap of stability. This is a decision both Rudy and I approve of, and support, because we know that we have raised Liz to decide how to run her life in a way that works for her.

Roberto has always been, and will always be, an entertainer. His energetic spirit can liven any situation, without effort. He has plans to start interacting with Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the surrounding area, to hone in on his acting skills. He's confident, that with consistent effort, the universe will align with his desires, making his dreams come true. Rudy and I both encourage this challenging path, knowing Roberto is capable of deciding how to chose his own destiny.

Brad's perspective about school is taking on a new angle; a more mature way of thinking. Brad is questioning which high school would best suit his needs. Would it be worth his effort to submit to a high level entrance exam at a school thirty minutes away so that he can specialize in a potential career working with technology, or should he follow the natural path and attend the high school five minutes from home, working on college prep skills in advanced placement classes? The final educational choice belongs to Brad because Rudy and I agree that while we are his parents, we have always believed he needs to make mature choices, to prep himself for adulthood.

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