Friday, January 27, 2012

thoughts of paps

I've got a friend.

Her name is Paps.
She is my virtual friend.
My blogging friend.
I met her by chance when she happened upon my writing, and commented.
Which, in turn, inclined me to check out what she was sharing with the world.
And to keep up with her.
Keep in tune with what is happening in her life.
Through words.
And lots of awesome photos.
I can't tell you why, for sure exactly, but I feel a kinship with Paps.
Something about her is so genuine.
So nice.
My kind of people.
Down to earth.
Nothing to hide.
A kindred spirit.

My friend Paps.

A while back, before the holidays, she was having a giveaway.
A gift.
To be given randomly.
To someone.
That someone ended up being me.
I received the gift the other day.
In the mail.
It was sitting there, on my kitchen counter top.
She had posted pictures on her blog.
So when I opened the package I already knew what to expect.
The photos were great.
But pulling out the blouse and purse.
To hold them in my hands.
So what I would have expected from Paps.

I just wanted to give my online friend a shout out. To say thanks. From the bottom of my heart. 

Thank you, Paps!

Oh, and check out her blog. It really is a very warm and welcoming site:


  1. how lucky are you? wonderful. ♥

    1. luck had everything to do with it, jo. i consider myself so lucky!

  2. What a sweet moment! (yells into cyber...) HI Paps!

  3. Replies
    1. very cool, taylor.. and this is coming from someone who never wins anything! woo!

  4. congratulations!

    I also love her blog :-)

  5. lovely, how great to make a connection then win a lovely shirt and bag :) Off to stalk her blog now!

    1. yes, jen.. check her out. worth the time!

  6. How lovely! Isn't it wonderful to have this new modern way of finding beautiful friends, like you! Congratulations!

  7. thanks kat. seriously, thank you.

  8. what a wonderful friend and blog! I hope someday you two get to meet in person :)

    1. oh, wouldn't that be great, kathryn. yes, it would.

  9. Thanks alot Daphne. And I hope so too. May be when I visit the States again. That would be really nice.

  10. Such a lovely gesture of friendship going out of her way to translate your virtual friendship to reality!