Sunday, February 12, 2012

Versatile Blogger and 7x7 Link Award

I am honored, and humbled, knowing that Jo, from and Taylor at have thought about me when passing out an award.

It is evident that Jo truly loves to read what others say. She will not just comment with a quick Great post! (like I do!), but she will really find parts that have intrigued her in some way, then give you a nice detailed comment, full of wisdom, heartfelt emotion, and/or just fun humor. Please stop by, enjoy her posts, and follow along as she talks about life.

Taylor always manages to leave such nice words, no matter what a post is about. Like Jo, she takes her time commenting, making me feel what I have to say is worth a small part of her day. Please stop by, enjoy her posts, and follow along as she shares some great stories, and great ideas.

The Versatile Blogger wants me to tell 15 things about myself, and award 15 people with the award. The 7X7 Link Award states I need to name 7 things about myself, and award 7 people. I am going with the 7X7 rules, today:

7 Things About me:
1.  I am loyal
2.  I am inquisitive.
3.  I treat people with respect, mostly.
4.  Tell me anything, I will listen without judgement. Seriously.
5.  I have a keen sense of smell.
6.  Common sense gets me through my days.
7.  I am a ball of emotion, but don't outwardly show it. Except at home.

7 blogs (I have posted) that fall into the following categories:
*Most Beautifulthe love couple
*Most Helpful: Joplin, MO
*Most Popular: are you pregnant?
*Most Controversial: doesn't GAY mean happy?
*Most Surprisingly Successful: bill, my brother
*Most Underrated: through a child's eyes
*Most Pride Worthy: word purge

7 Bloggers I want to Nominate - (It's always hard to narrow it down, so.... I've decided to nominate, randomly, 7 blogs I follow - in which their number of followers is a multiple of 7):

Liz @ 
grains of sand @
Claire @
Sam @
January @
Kathy @
Claudia @

..... and there you have it!



  1. Congratulations. Your stories are always nice so you really deserve it.

  2. Thanks so much for nominating me! I enjoyed reading about you, and I am very happy to have the chance to nominate others!